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It's late but it ain't never.
It ain't never.
That the moon 
27th-Aug-2008 12:50 am - HAI GUISE
kirk (gimme a smile)
Well, I'm finally back and settled in after my trip. Being back is a mixed blessing. On the one hand it's good, because I'm back to being surrounded by people I know, places I recognise and a language that I don't make a fool of myself in. On the other hand, it's bad, cause I went from long, hot summer days to icy cold rain and snow. I miss summer. :-(

Cut for people who don't like looking at other people's boring holiday photos.Collapse )

I just missed out on getting to see Obama. He left the day before I got to Berlin. :-(

In other news, it's taken me a while, but I think I've managed to catch up more-or-less on the fandom goings-on in the past month or so.

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I've also decided I'm not participating in any exchanges this year. I'm going to take a little break from all the stress and pulling out of hair and looming deadlines. Maybe I'll actually get to read some this time - wouldn't that be nice? I did feel a little twinge of regret when I saw the participant list for hd_holidays, though. Looks fantastic.

On another note: I'm no longer friends only. Yay.

Oh, and also - hi, everyone. How are you? :-)
23rd-Jun-2008 11:16 pm - There and back again
john (orange juice)
I know I haven't been around much lately but I'm afraid I'm going to be around even less for the next month or so. I'm back off to Germany (again) for the next five weeks and will be travelling around a lot and probably won't have that much time to check my flist. I apologise to anyone who's left comments that I haven't replied to and particularly to bewarethesmirk whose birthday ficlet I have yet to attend to! I promise I'll get that done - by your next birthday, at least. *g*

I don't think I posted any pictures of my trip last time so I promise to do that after this one!

Take care and peace out. :-)
3rd-Jun-2008 11:02 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
malfoy (lips)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY bewarethesmirk!

You are brilliant and talented and supportive and clever and just made of absolute win. I hope you have a fantastic day, because you utterly, utterly deserve it. Anything you want from me today, you can have. Hugs, kisses, fic, art, my soul - anything to make your birthday as awesome as you are.

&hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts
23rd-May-2008 11:04 am - hd_worldcup reveals are up!
harry (live)
The reveals for the Worldcup are up. Congratulations to Team Epilogue! Unfortunately, Team EWE came in last place, but not for any reason I can possibly fathom. We were a fantastic team with a brilliant array of artwork and stories and I can't imagine having worked alongside anybody else. &hearts

So, that said, now I have to fess up to which fic I wrote, huh? :-)

Title: Wheels Of Fire (The Official Autobiography of Harry Potter)
Team: Team EWE
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: 9,468
Rating: NC-17 Probably more like R.
Warnings: Alternating point of view, offensive language.
Summary: Harry's been wanting to publish an autobiography for years; only problem is, he can't write for peanuts. Enter Draco Malfoy: broke, surly and the best ghost writer in the business.
Author's Note: Big thanks to my wonderful team, our lovely team captain and my two marvellous betas, smarmypenguin and bewarethesmirk. A big apology to Harry — I hope he'll forgive me. :-)

Unfortunately due to time constraints there were a number of flaws in this fic; I hope to get a chance to edit it sometime and repost it here. However, I did really enjoy writing it and would like to thank all the people who recced/commented so nicely. You really made my day.

What made my head absolutely EXPLODE with glee was raitala's art for this fic, which you can see HERE (the second one down). I think she really managed to capture the feeling that I wanted for that moment - probably better than I managed to capture it myself. Gah. *g*

Now, I know there's been a helluva lot of wank surrounding this fest, but honestly? I've had so much fun (and am generally oblivious enough) to definitely want to participate again next time around. Especially if any of my fellow teamates will be there.

Because Team EWE? EWE guys rock. :-)
15th-May-2008 04:59 pm - To Boldy Go
bob (dizzle)
Gah, I know I haven't been around for ages. Basically I've had some shit going down (rah rah, RL, stupid stupid) and I haven't really had a lot of time for fannish activities. Things are a bit more stable now, so here's hoping they'll stay that way for a while. I did have to drop out of the snarry_games, which totally sucked the most out of everything, but now that I'm back around again I guess I can enjoy reading without having to compare everything to mine! I'm in a little bit of a funny place with Snarry at the moment though, but I guess we'll see how that goes. A couple of things:

&diams I feel awful because I haven't had time to pimp the hd_worldcup! Not that everyone hasn't been pimping it like mad anyway, but specifically I need to point you all toward Team EWE's contributions. Please to be reading, voting (high!) and generally enjoying as much as possible. There've been a huge number of great fics in this fest but I think we have some real winners in our team. Also, if any of you want to have a go at guessing which one I wrote, I'd totally love to hear what you think. A clue: think about my usual style, and then the complete opposite of that. I pretty much tried to do something completely different which I think turned out quite well. Also, if you haven't yet, please take the time to check out raitala's amazing Team EWE illustrations. They really are as amazing as everyone has been saying. :-)

&diams This is going to sound strange, but does anyone know of any recs for newbies to the Star Trek fandom? A sort of "starter pack", if you will. Specifically Kirk/Spock. My geeky friend has totally gotten me into the original series and I'd love to read some fanfiction but it's such an enormous fandom that I don't even know where to begin. This is definitely keeping me entertained for the time being but I can tell I'm going to need something more substantial before long.

&diams I've noticed, whilst going through some old posts, that there are quite a few random comments which I (inexplicably) haven't replied to. There's probably a special day or meme devoted to this but I'm just going to go on through and try to answer as many as I can - don't be surprised if you suddenly get a random reply to comment you left ages ago. *g*

&diams No idea what Nick Cave is doing in his new video, More News From Nowhere.Collapse )

&diams Turns out my sweet little darling baby kitten is actually a BOY. When we bought her/him, the owner told us very confidently that she/he was a little girl. It's been pretty hard trying to remember to call her him. She/he's also a bit confused about her/his name at the moment, because as a girl, she was Mutzi, but as a boy he's Jemaine. Probably should have tried to think of something that sounded more similar.

&diams So, yeah. I think that's all. Here's hoping I can be around more now. :-)
alan (full of spices)
Just a quick rec:

Author: [anonymous]
Title: Napoleon in Three Acts
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sirius/James, Sirius/Regulus
Summary: One brother: the one you love above all others. Two brothers: the ones you can never choose between.
Warnings: Incest, dub-con, three canon character deaths, sex between boys aging from 16 to 19.
Wordcount: 5,400
Notes: Written for tarie for hp_springsmut.

Beautiful. Brilliant. Bittersweet. Just how I like my Sirius/James and Sirius/Regulus. &hearts

Go now.
21st-Feb-2008 10:33 pm - Happy Birthday, Alan!
alan (full of spices)
62 and still looking as fabulous as ever.

Here's to you on your birthday, Alan!

And because I loved Sweeney Todd so much, here's Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp singing Pretty Women. As a gift - if you get my drift. ;-)
26th-Jan-2008 08:33 pm - FIC: Victory, H/D, NC-17
harry (live)
A little late, but this was my contribution to this year’s HD Holidays.

Title: Victory
Author: captain_tulip, me
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: [EWE] Completely disregards the epilogue.
Summary: Everything is different but nothing has changed.
Wordcount: 8,365
Author's Notes: Written for lettered for last year’s hd_holidays. Original post here.

Victory.Collapse )
25th-Jan-2008 01:30 pm - *peeks in*
bowie (in space)
Ok, so I know I'm on hiatus and all, but you've gotta support your team, right?

artwork and banner by naadi

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